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Shopping process



First, find a product

1, you can search by entering a commodity trade name or keyword. Enter the search bar at merchandise trade name or keyword, click the "Search" button, you can search for all matching items below the search bar will display the search results.

2, you can merchandise category or the navigation bar to find the product you want to buy category, find what you want according to the classification of goods.


Second, view product details

1, into the shopping cart. After the selection of goods, in the commodity detail page, click "add to cart" button to put items in the cart.

2, View Cart. Items in their shopping cart, the cart automatically enter the page, you can click on "shopping cart" icon to view the goods purchased.

3, use the shopping cart. Tips:

Modify the number of goods. If you want to modify the quantity of goods available in the details of the bill at the number of items through the "+" or "-" to modify.

     Into the clearing center. Once you confirm the purchase of goods is correct, click on "to the settlement." Button for clearing.


Third, the Register Login

1, if you are not a user of the mall, please click on "register for free" on page Follow the prompts to complete the registration.

2, after the submission, indicating successful registration. Users can log in and start shopping.

Fourth, the consignee information

V. Delivery Methods



Sixth, order confirmations and submit

In the order confirmation page, after confirming the order correct and click "Submit Order", the system generates and displays an order number. Description You have successfully submitted orders. Can go to "My buyer" "baby has to buy" view order details or modified. When the consignee information, please be sure to fill in your real name and specific details of the delivery address, so that you can receive the goods in a timely manner.

If you are already a registered user of this mall, directly enter the user name and password. If you want to remove goods in the shopping cart, click the "Delete" button.

Seven, inspection sign

Please pay special attention to sign for courier delivery time, please be sure to personally check the goods invoice control information to confirm the color, size, quantity, quality, no problem and then sign.


Eight, after receiving evaluation

It can be purchased for this product were evaluated after you have successfully received commodity. Your reviews will help us continue to improve the quality of service. We will also give your evaluation of reward points.


After the formal operation of the mall we will provide detailed operational procedures and operating instructions.