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Before 1949.10.1 in Mao Zedong's poetry masterpiece (3)
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Tune:"Spring in a pleasure garden"

February 1936

See what the northern countries show:

Hundreds of leagues ice-bound go

Thousands of leagues flies snow.

Behold! Within and without the Great Wall

The boundless land is clad in white,

And up and down the Yellow River, all

The endless waves are lost to sight.

Mountains like silver serpents dancing,

Highlands like waxy elephants advancing,

All try to match the sky in height.

Wait till the day is fine

And see the fair bask in sparkling sunshine,

What an enchanting sight!

Our motherland so rich in beauty

Has made countless heroes vie to pay her their duty.

But alas! Qin Huang and Han Wu

In culture not well bred,

And Tang Zong and Song Zu

In letters not wide read.

And Genghis Khan, proud son of Heaven for a day,

Knew only shooting eagles by bending his bows.

They have all passed away

Brilliant heroes are those

Whom we will see today!



Capture of Nanjing by the People's Liberation Army

April 1949

Over the Purple Mountains sweeps a storm headlong:

Our troops have crossed the great river, a million strong.

The Tiger girt with Dragon outshines days gone by;

Heaven and earth o'erturned, our spirits ne'er so high!

With our courage unspent pursue the foe o'erthrown!

Do not fish like the Herculean King for renown!

Heaven would have grown old were it moved to emotions;

The world goes on with changes in the fields and oceans.



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