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Before 1949.10.1 in Mao Zedong's poetry masterpiece (2)
Badge mall / 2016-04-28



Mount Jinggang

Tune:"The moon over the west river"

Autumn 1928

Flags and banners in sight below,

Drum-beats mingle atop with bugle-blast.

Surrounded ring on ring by the foe,

Aloft we still stand fast.

Our ranks as firm as rock,

Our wills form a new wall.

The cannon roared at Huangyang Block,

The foe fled at night-fall.



The long march

October 1935

Of the trying long march the Red Army makes light:

thousands of rivers and mountains are barriers slight.

The five serpentine Ridges outspread like rippling rills;

The pompous Wumeng peaks tower but like mole-hills.

Against warm cloudy cliffs beat waves of Golden Sand;

With cold iron-chain Bridge River Dadu is spanned.

Glad to see the Min Range snow-clad for miles and miles.

Our warriors who have crossed it break into broad smiles.



Spiral mountain

Tune:"Pure serene music"

October 1935

The sky is high, the clouds are light,

The wild geese flying south are out of sight.

We are not heroes unless we reach the Great Wall;

Counting up, we've done twenty thousand li in all.

Of Spiral Mountain at the crest,

Red flags wave in wanton winds from the west.

With the long cord in hand today,

When shall we bind the Dragon Gray?



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