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Pair of Badge

 Pair of Badge



Mao’s badge , particularly worthy of collection , but also the most valuable , first is Set badge , followed by Series badge , and then followed with different color badge  in same version , and finally Pair of Badge.


Criteria for Pair of Badge

Based on years of collection, summed up 7 criteria in judgment of Pair of Badge:

1, Pair of Badge consists of a few specially designed badges which must describe a central element, or a particular historical theme or a major historical event. For example : Mao on the Long March , Mao’s image in different periods , Mao received the Red Guards , forever faithful to Chairman Mao , Mao Zedong’s image from youth to middle age to old age. The signature on the back of the badges may be the national government or a provincial or People's Liberation Army troops, or a factory, or a sector.

The biggest difference with Series badge is that each of Pair of Badge must be produced and distributed at the same time.

2, Pair of Badge is limited to two.

3, The materials used must be the same. If it is made of aluminum, both badges must be made of aluminum. If it is made of porcelain, all must be made of porcelain, and so on. As long as one of them badge made in different material, whole lot is not considered as Pair of Badge.

4, The back of each in Pair of Badge must follow the " five consistent ."  That means: production organization (release agency) consistent, consistent with the text, text font are identical, the text location consistent, pattern shape consistent.

5, Each of Pair of Badge must have same style in production. So-called production style, referring to the idea of designers, techniques and characteristics, all these should be consistent. Such as there is sun as background behind the head image, or deputy pattern at the bottom of the badge protruding towards both sides, or have high relief portrait design, or at lower portion of the badge there is a piece of Mao‘s poetry, or, there is an inscription at the bottom, or at bottom there is picture of place where Mao worked, there is a red flag on the back of the head as background, and so on.

6, There is certain correlation among each one in Pair of Badge in the contents. This is the important difference between Series badge and Pair of Badge.

7, The modelling should be consistent. In general, if it is round, both badges should be circle, and so on. Allowing circle and other shape (profiled, oval, round, etc.) appear in combination, but overall consistency must be good, feels aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In the author's collection of more than ten thousand pieces, only hundreds of sets of Pair of Badge.

Analyzing and judging Pair of Badge is also advanced stage in the collection, collation, research of Mao Zedong badge, but also best stage for economic benefits and highest stage of market popularity. Collection, Pair of Badge, sorting Pair of Badge is easier than Set badge.


The following shows a partial collection of Pair of Badge in Mao’s badge

 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPA012


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPA014


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPA015


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPA022


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPB036


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPD005


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPD031


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPF001


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPF047


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPF072


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPF075


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPH001


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPJ005


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPJ034


 Above the badge Goods Code: MZAPPK026