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Secure Payment



The mall support payments as well as the vast majority of bank debit and credit cards online payment, arrive immediately, accurately and quickly, it is recommended to use Alipay consumers preferred.


1, online payment is a payment that is successful arrival. If due to network failures that prevent you successfully paid orders did not change the status of an order, please contact our customer service staff.

2, the online payment payment waiting period of 24 hours. If you within 24 hours after the payment order is not completed successfully, the system will automatically cancel the order.

3, how to judge the success of online payment?

   A, when you have completed the on-line payment process, the system should prompt payment success. If not, you can check bank card balance by phone, ATM, login to online banking and other means, if the money had been deducted, indicating that you have paid successfully.

    B, if there is excess credit card overdraft, insufficient books balance, as a result of accidental disconnection payment is unsuccessful, please log mall "My orders", Zhang found that the success of unpaid orders, re-complete the payment.

4, causing the main "pay denied" reasons:

  A, held by your bank card has not yet opened online payment function.

  B, you hold insufficient funds within some bank cards.

  C, held by your bank card payment limit than support.

  D, you enter the card number or password do not match.

  E, held by bank card being lost, invalid, expired.


After the formal operation of the mall we will provide detailed operational procedures and operating instructions.