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After-sales service



First, the mall commitments subject to the following conditions can return or exchange

1, the national "three guarantees" regulations under the non-human quality of goods, from the date of sale (the actual receipt date), you can return within 7 days. Please contact customer service, providing photos and other relevant evidence, and indicate the reasons for return.

2, merchandise national "three guarantees" regulations under the non-human quality problems from the date of sale (the actual receipt date), can be exchanged within 15 days.

Second, shipping instructions

1, from the consumer within seven days of receipt of the goods due to quality problems return; 15 days replacement due to quality problems, shipping by express mail goods shall be borne by the merchant, the mall will retreat customer account (not bear the cost of insured ), please use the mall and return designated courier company, such as consumers to choose other than the standard cost courier companies, businesses bear the standard, the excess shall be borne by the consumer.

2, due to return to consumers the style, color, size, and are not satisfied with personal preferences and other causes, return shipping costs borne by consumers, the mall provide return service free of charge.

3, following the mall without provide return service:

A, non-local mall to sell goods.

B, exceeding the national "three guarantees" in the regulations valid for return.

C, has been used commodity (quality problem except) or were non-normal wear and tear.

D, product packaging is incomplete or damaged, gifts (such as when purchased gifts) or tag is not complete, if the warranty certificate, warranty certificate is missing or altered.

E, torn or altered without authorization merchandise labels, serial number, security markings.


     Third, the service commitment

The mall sales department in the acknowledgment of receipt from the consumer return the goods within 2 working days to complete the return process applications. Special goods or special circumstances may be extended two days, the trade sale page in terms of after-sales policies prevail.

Fourth, Tips

Before the warranty return the goods this store, please note the following:

1, consumers check the product before return the goods if there are your personal items (eg: RMB, related documents, etc.), the mall does not bear any responsibility.

2. Please return all goods and related accessories are placed in a parcels, return the goods must have good packaging (including outside the box / bag and wrap the filler), such as parcels or banging from inside a small items placed in scattered parcels, please be sure to put enough filler to avoid economic losses caused by cargo damage occurs when your return caused.

3, please fill out the express orders (including consumer name, order number, the recipient contact information, etc.) in the following information and goods should be placed on this list along with the package, get the goods to the mall sales department the first time to deal with.

4, without violating the national "three guarantees" regulations, the mall principles of returned goods reserves the final interpretation.

For any other questions, please call the mall


After the formal operation of the mall we will provide detailed operational procedures and operating instructions.