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I have a collection of more than ten thousand pieces of badges, but also a collection of text information on badges and the "Cultural Revolution" period of hundreds of volumes written about research badges of 150,000 words of text, and in 1999 I Beijing Hongda computer company China's first joint issue badges of CD-ROM.

First, cooperation

The mall upcoming platform include: Mobile App, mobile shopping mall, public micro-channel number, microblogging, etc., while the full English version of the upcoming on-line, will be widely disseminated worldwide. In the process of growing site, the welcome all kinds of business, media, brands, businesses and individuals to cooperate, thank you for your support and are honored to work with you to grow together.

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Second, donations

If you feel this site to help you, you can scan two-dimensional code Alipay purse with a cell phone a reward, ten eight is not too few, just for a site support and love.


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