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Recruiting talents



If you have a passion, a dream, the courage to face the challenge, welcome to join us!

First, the positions are as follows:

1, PHP Engineer

2, UI design

3, network promotion

4, Product Specialist

5, market expansion

6, Investment Manager

Second, Negotiable salary

Third, the workplace

Nankai District, Tianjin, China Huayuan New Technology Park

Fourth, welfare

1, enjoy normal weekends, statutory holidays, paid annual leave (performed according to national regulations)

2, four insurance payments

3, staff birthday gift

4, holiday gifts welfare

5, travel tourism activities

6, there are special difficulties, working hours can be negotiated (for example: the need for 16:00 pick up their kids, make up classes can be used at other times)

7, can negotiate working hours, in order to stagger the rush hour congestion problem by car

8, encountered heavy rain, can negotiate working hours, other times up classes available

Interested parties please send your resume to the email, and indicate the name of the candidate status. It can also 16:00 after QQ: 1304212433 to communicate. At the same time write clearly: education, gender, age, place of origin, the desired treatment and the like.


After the formal operation of the mall will continue to improve our content.