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 Aluminum&Plastic badge



Plastic badge is a category of chairman MAO badge. Because it is simple in process design, low requirement to the manufacturing equipment, low production cost, and thus get the favour of many badges collector and common people.

However, due to large quantities of higher quality, colorful large aluminum badge, cause the plastic badge are not welcome, therefore, starting from the mid - 1968, plastic badge in the claims to be the most advanced aluminum-plastic craft technology the production of a new category ---- Aluminum&Plastic badge.

Aluminum&Plastic badge uses a plastic material, and a metal plate made of aluminum badge texture, due to the high technical requirements, making difficult, so production is extremely limited, plus the mandatory collection of "Cultural Revolution", as well as natural wear and tear, and now preserved goods with intact plastic badge has been very small.


The following shows a partial collection of the author Aluminum&Plastic badge