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Plastic Badge-2


Plastic badge -2



Plastic badge is a category of chairman MAO badge. Because it is simple in process design, low requirement to the manufacturing equipment, low production cost, and thus get the favour of many badges collector and common people. In early 1968, has been in full swing, as the cultural revolution, MAO zedong badge produced also reached the highest peak of history, therefore some ability in the production of plastic products factory, in order to meet the political needs, the production of plastic badge, but because this kind of enterprise's scale is not large,

scale of production capacity constraints, thus limited production.

Later with the large quantities of higher quality, colorful large aluminum badge, and porcelain badge, enamel badges, its show obvious over the plastic badge, cause the plastic badge slowly faded.

Single from this point of view, art collection plastic badge far less porcelain badge that has a high collection value, and has a broad mass base aluminum badge. Nevertheless, plastic badge in the whole category of MAO zedong badge, or a place, is the third largest after aluminum badge, porcelain badge category. After nearly 50 years after wind and rain vicissitudes of life, is now in good preservation is one of the few plastic badge.

Plastic badge almost throughout the country of origin, is divergent, almost no domestic professional manufacturer of plastic badge, don't like porcelain badge, mainly concentrated in a few ceramic main production areas. From the author's collection, if must compare, with Shanghai, tianjin, jinan, suzhou and other places product awareness is relatively higher. After all, the industry has technology, talents, equipment and capacity.

Plastic badge, presented in this paper with the plastic badge -1 no matter from the material, or making art, have very big difference, the reader can savor.

If you want to the division of plastic badge, the quality of the plastic badge to identify, chapters set, series plastic badge, to know more about chapter identification, etc, please refer to the related content of the plastic badge -1 channel.


The following part shows the author's collection plastic badge