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Q&A of choose and buy


Q: Why is the world's insignia badges art treasure house Collections?

A: The "Cultural Revolution" of the badges, with its new conception, the clever design, the use of the vast human and financial resources, the number of producing huge, widely used material, the shape of the species diversity, are called the world, and created several world first. Whether it is the conception, design, manufacture or have reached the pinnacle, pinnacle. This badge is unprecedented in the art world, and create a new era in world history badge.


Q: The Value of Mao Zedong badge reflected in what?

A: As a particular product 1966-1976 period, although long since lost political meaning, but it still has a very important historical value, cultural value, collection value and considerable economic value.


Q: How long have you collected the badges?

A: my collection badges, 40 spring and autumn, like the original, pure lines out of such a beautiful work of art of loving, which is based on many of the risk in exchange for a valuable asset, and does not (and can not) be expected to today there is such a huge economic benefits, it can be described as hard-won. Spare time, in terms of collection and sorting sparing no effort, after years of painstaking research, in which a representative of more than 10 pieces of badge Write a 150,000-word text, and published monographs and supporting CD-ROM.


Q: Do you have a collection of badges What size?

A: In my collection of pieces, the shape, content, styles as many as hundreds of species. The small diameter of 10mm, a large diameter 140mm. It can be said to contain the production of badge of the "Cultural Revolution" period can be used on all materials.


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